Long time! Just wanted to show you my babies! Steve Madden Gretta replics. I'm in love with them, they're perfect and very confortable to walk. Hope you like this look!


My DIY project! the quality is terrible, so I put some effects in the photos.
those are two pieces made by me and I love them!
The shorts were a pair of jeans that I cut and then I applied the lace. I think it results very good!
The fringe shirt I did with a black t-shirt, it's very easy! 


I'M SO HAPPY! Lua, from "LE HAPPY" posted a draw I did of her! AAWWW, i'm so happy, I love her and I love her style, it's so nice to see she liked my draw! and there is my name!


Ok, now I'm starting to feel really tyred of winter. My hair is always so ugly, I need to do a new hair cut, but I don't know what to do. Every day is the same damn thing, I´ve got nothing to wear, my wardrobe is full but nothing fits me right! ARG! I'm so depressed.. 
I made a little list of thing I really, really, really need right now!


SUNNY DAY! I'm feeling happy today, I was wearing my friend's shoes, I love black All Stars. By the way, my photos are all crap because, yeah, I lost my camera so I use my phone (2mp) bah! Oh, and this is one of my cats, I though the picture funny and decided to show!


 little bit of me today. I'm feeling kind of depressed these days, I'm needing SHOPPING!


FUCK, this is perfect! she's beautiful, love the lipstick, the bag, the leather jacket & creepers