just a quick post with inspiring photos for me. I tried to take some shots of my christmas gifts but my phone is  a crap. I'll try to take some shots of my outfits, maybe tomorow but I prefer not to promise nothing.


please check my new blog - ART WORKS - I did it so I could show my drawings and paintings.
I hope you like it, comment and follow! I want to share my ideas and work.


from Topshop

Holidays!! boring.. I was so excited to school finish but now I ain't got nothing to do..
I can't stay 24 hours a day inside my house, I'm going mad.
Well, besides this, I need a dress! I ain't got any.. i'm in love with these from Topshop, especially the velvet one. What you think?



me today. it's so cold today, I already miss summer.. I only like winter because of the clothes, my bed, and if I were drinking a coffe in a nice and worm place.
 hope you like my outfit, see it also here - LOOKBOOK & Tumblr