I just finished my new t-shirt and I love it! I was thinking about doing this for a long time, today was the day.
It means a lot more than most people think, that's why I love this shirt so much!


It's raining and it feels so good to be in bed with my laptop. I was thinking about this jacket, I bought it last year but I'm still in love with it and can't wait to wear it! What do you think? yes or no?
Oh and I was so happy to see a report of portuguese bloggers! It's time to value fashion in Portugal and the people who want to make carrer of it but can't in this country.


inspiration post because I'm very frustrated! you know when you've got lot of clothes but nothing to wear? yes, that's me, ALL THE TIME! 


what do you think of my denim jacketI was bored and I remembered that I had tacks and voila! like it?


today's outfit and my nails. I LOVE MY NAILS.  and i'm loving these hot days! but to be honest I can´t wait to wear my new winter clothes.