finally! outfit, new shoes, and my favourite shorts. however, there are many more things I wanted to show. some new sketches, new outfits... 
and school hasn't been that bad, the weather is nice and my schedule is awesome!


some sketches from my graphic diary. I haven't post before because, yeah, I lost my camera. I'm so sad, I can't live without photos! moreover I have new clothes and wanted to show, but my phone doesn't have sufficient quality, bah.
hope you like my sketches!


quick post, i'm so tired because of school. this is a "small" wishlist for winter. hopefully I'll post some news tomorrow. hope you like it!
by the way, I want to thank to all my readers, love you all and I'm so glad you like my blog! thank you 


school started yesterday and I don't feel like going back therethe only good thing so far are the projects for specific arts disciplines
there are some inspiring outfits for me, nothing especial, I ain't got good ideias for now but hope you like it.


See this girl, her name is Linnea Jacobson, she's only 14 years old and she's so gorgeous! i'm in love with her.

check her blog here wilder than a teenager


in the woods where everything is simpler.
school starts on friday and I already miss my summer holidays. the good part? shopping!


I'm dying for these shoes, especially for the first ones. i want them for winter, please.
from: Din Sko

hi, I decided to start a new blog after a while without blogging. nothing special, just what I like, want and do. for the first post I choosen some pictures taken and edited by me.
hope you like it.